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Tuesday, April 23, 2013


... no, not wasabi, the green, super hot sauce we enjoy, sweating and jellying while having sushi;-)))

Wabi-sabi is a concept in Japanese aesthetics which represents the exact opposite of Western beauty ideal, usually seen as something huge, abiding or spectacular; wabi-sabi deals with lesser and hidden, simple and fragileness of art and nature.

Also something ungainly, irregular, ugly - as per common aesthetics - can be full of grace and poetic, as well.

"Wabi-sabi things own a spontaneous and unevitable aspect; they neither do not flag their importance nor claim to get center-stage and full attention of the world.
They're discreet and unpretentious, yet they own a quiet authority, their own personality and a natural, unassuming elegance". (Leonard Koren)

The above is the VERY best description of my audio system I'm aware of, folks... it's not LED-blinking and chrome finishes, it's someway ugly (Gotorama's speakers) and WAF unfriendly, yet the inner beauty of the care infused in the making of such a complex system simply shines at the very first notes.

Wabi-sabi, the humble, human-flawed perfection!

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