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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Derek Bailey - The art of improvising, unveiled...

  • Derek Bailey and his beautiful, Samuel Beckett-like face... the dare-devil improviser which almost went famous (...) after collaboration with David Sylvian on " Blemish".
  • This book, Derek Bailey's Improvisation, originally published in 1980, and here updated and extended with new interviews and photographs, is the first book to deal with the nature of improvisation in (almost) all its forms: Indian music, flamenco, baroque, organ music, rock, jazz, contemporary, and free music. By drawing on conversations with some of todays seminal improvisersincluding John Zorn, Jerry Garcia, Steve Howe, Steve Lacy, Lionel Salter, Earle Brown, Paco Pea, Max Roach, Evan Parker, and Ronnie Scott... Bailey offers a clear-eyed view of the breathtaking spectrum of possibilities inherent in improvisational practice, while underpinning its importance as the basis for all music-making.
  • 1992 DA CAPO PRESS (USA)

  • ... great reading, folks.

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Mario Agrimi said...

Hello Stefano,

I like a lot this Lp of Derek Bailey (with dave holland)...