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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

KeyStrobe from England - A suitable strobo-light for classic Garrard 301?

Definitely YES!

A quartz locked LED strobe light source for the Garrard 301
Have constant reassurance that your 301 speed is correct

Although later Garrard 301’s were fitted with a strobe marked platter, they relied on ambient light for illumination, giving poor or no speed indication.
Many KeyStrobe hand-held strobe lights have been sold to 301 owners, but we wanted to develop a better solution:

We knew that no one would want to modify their deck in any permanent way, so we developed 
An ingenious yet discreet design that blends well into the classic 301 appearance.

* Subtle neon-orange light source in keeping with the 301’s appearance.
*Gives clear light illumination of platter edge
* Complete with cables and KeyStrobe-pulser, to produce a quartz accurate, clear & sharp strobe display
*No permanent modifications required
*Any mains voltage at any frequency
*Works for 50Hz & 60Hz platters
*UK designed and built
*12 month warranty
Please note this product is only suitable for Garrard 301’s with the strobe platter.
If you own an early Garrard 301 without markings, we recommend these products:
KeyStrobe-duo hand-held strobe light & KeyStrobe-au Gold strobe disc. Both are available on eBay.

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