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Saturday, January 19, 2013

WJAAS - The Headshells Survey (re-reprised) - Yamamoto HS-3 "Tsuge" Boxwood and BT-1 titanium screws

This little unassuming, yet beautifully crafted gizmo, a wooden headshell,  is REALLY wonderfully sounding, folks.

When used with, say, ALLNIC's top-of-the-line  Puritas (more soon...) MC cartridge with Boron cantilever and wooden hollow-body... it - Yamamoto's HS-3 "Tsuge" (Japanese for Boxwood) - sublimely clicks with South Korean masterpiece and "magic" happens: that seldom heard sense of Easyness and overall Perfection... a (musical) world where no words are needed and only the naked beauty of Music speaks.

Allnic's paper speaks about and suggests the use of "heavy arm, the heavier the better" and Thomas Schick's arm sure is a rigid, playless bearings and heavy arm.

Of the several headshells I have in my collection, only Bosoeum Acoustics "Big Nose" headshell from Japan sounded so "right" in Schick's arm... more than  Ikeda magnesium, Fidelity Research "Big Screw" or Kimura Labs RS-3... in my humble opinion, it seems that more than "weight" it's "material" quality and own resonance(s) to blend or not with arm and cartridge as a combo.

The humble, nicely priced HS-3 made out of box wood, more than its cherry and ebony wood headshells, always made by Yamamoto, despite its 8,3 grams weight, is rigid and elastic and less dry sounding than ebony.

Also the BT-1 titanium screws set, 2,6 mm and several lengths, are both rigid and light and... cannot say, at the moment, but they sure "play" their role in matching the whole still better.

... with Puritas... well, it's hard to believe how pure and airy and musical and detailed it sounds, also now it's brand-new and just out-of-the-box... I'm right now going ahead in breaking-in and maturing its sound with a lot of different kind of music and recordings and vinyls... but I already know I'll be not able to return to other cartridges in my collection!

Will report soon...

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