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Sunday, January 13, 2013

My most precious musical possession... EMI Reflexe Stationen Europaischer Musik - Folge 1-10

As I recently handled the discs, I wish to share with you all... maybe, this complete EMI Reflexe collection in ten box-sets, is my most precious and sought-after "disc"... actually 58 records (or so, not considering 2-records sets) with the "creme de la creme" of ancient music artists: Hopkinson Smith, Anthony Bailes, Thomas Binkley, Paul O'dette and many, many others I don't remember, right now... and so many composers, down to the MOST obscure, I cannot remember.

It was a dream purchasing it all, when I was a student... extremely expensive also in early '70s.
The alternative was buying as single discs, one at a time - the poor boy solution... buying one every month and... in "only" 58 months (!!!) completing the whole collection...

So, when, years ago, I found on a friend's shelf,  I asked him for "that"... and he replied "I never played them... I bought as a whole at a closing record shop sale... I liked the covers! Do you know it?"

I had to blink my eyes wide shut... "Yes, I know it..."

The deal was done swapping some audio parts, Cornell-Dubilier's caps, Allen-Bradley's resistors and the like... not crap (anyway)  vs. "the" vinyl treasure... but what I got was the Holy Grail for an ancient music scholar.

It's a an absolute masterpiece in EVERY sense: musical, sonic, bibliographic and... onanistic:-)

It's also available as a disks collection...

Look for it and BUY IT!

... and enjoy, as I did for most of my (musical) life.

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