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Monday, December 10, 2012

Lt. Gay Ellis

... who?!?!

Lt. Gay Ellis was the character in "U.F.O." TV mini-series, filmed in Pinewood Studios, England... the one with Straker, the wing-doors sci-fi, futurible cars...

The sexy Gay Ellis was at "Moon Base", with her light purple hairs and "that" shiny silver "space-suit" showing her gorgeous beauty...

A younger me was really impressed while looking at her body shapes...

... but, do you know "who" Gay Ellis REALLY is?

... no?!?!

She is Gabrielle Drake, Nick Drake's sister.. yes, "that",  late Nick Drake... while Gabrielle was acting at Pinewwod Studios for U.F.O. TV series - it was 1970 - her brother was  - sort-of - starving in Oxford and London, smoking pot (those famous "Five Leafes Left" of Island records and Rizla's memory...) and composing and recording among the most beautiful songs ever written!

I truly love Drake's family!

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