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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Dictaphone - Poems from a Rooftop


Underneath the rage, there is a disturbing sense of calm, an overwhelming sadness that fails to show its true colors; once ground shaking emotions have been vanquished and deemed to live in the sub-terrain, palpable to some yet utterly nonexistent to most. This, in very simplistic terms, is the more prevalent feeling I have gotten from people during my time in Iran so far, the sense of being overpowered yet fully knowing that it’s only a matter of time, until all hell breaks loose. The “Green Movement” which found itself at a loss when fighting the powers that be, is gone, but only momentarily; it’s merely a matter of time. Dictaphone’s third album “Poems from a Rooftop”, which gets its name from the above-mentioned movement’s call for people to shout their dissatisfaction from their rooftops after the highly controversial elections in 2009, represents this sense of lurking anger and disdain in magnificent fashion. It is sadness which you can snap your fingers to, a testament to the trio’s grip on mood and texture and a gripping experience from start to finish.

GREAT music and an amazing recording to par... the vinyl extra-limited (350 pieces, only... and already out-of-print, but CD and download are still available...) pressing is awesome, with super quiet surfaces and hand-made cover.

Thanking Thomas Schick... it's one of 2012 musical highlights:-)

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