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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Thomas Mayer's Triptycon

Thomas recently posted in his Blog an article about the making of my new crossover, another step toward that M-U-S-I-C ideal, a goal of a life, as anyone has his obsessions, and... well, my own is my VERY own:-)

A very personal "menage" between music and myself.

I will meet Thomas, soon... in the meantime, as he says, my "shrine" is in a sort-of epiphany - by chance some hours to come:-) - a great time of waiting, hope and elucubrations, and, like during childhood, the Christmas' Eve was better than the Christmas day... meaning that in the waiting for something new there is a sort of "beauty", a languor akin enamourement, a feeling I love as much as life, itself.

... and no silly, uninspired forumer and/or rewiever will convince me I'm wrong or far too romantic: in virtually any DIY and bespoke stuffs there is the soul lacking in mass produced stuffs... my ears says it.

This German-born Meccano lover;-), addict and enthusiast named Thomas Mayer, who getting older mixed his electronic skills to his boyhood passion - Meccano, of course:-) - is a sort of Dream Catcher for (now) more and more music and audio lovers around... his gears are lively capturing music essence, period.

I already knew using since October 2009 his four-chassis preamplifier... sure his new piece of gears will further improve what's already (quite) seldom heard:-)

Thanks, Thomas... I'm pretty sure the usual exposing your gears to Bodensee fresh air and beauty will do the miracle... i.e. bringing life and trueness to reproduced music at home.



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