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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Platter suggestions - Thurston Moore's 'Demolished Thoughts'

I bought at Ivan's a gorgeous double (blue) vinyl-set with download complimentary card after reading a rave review of the last, 4th to-date Sonic Youth's founder effort on Mojo magazine.

It's a very English-flavoured disc - i.e. it pays some sonic debt to early '70s Donovan's psych sonorities (Mina Loy) and contains really good tracks, indeed: twelve strings acoustics and seldom heard instrumental blendings with nice text, as well.

It's much less Sonic Youth's stuff... it reminds me more some Iron & Wine and R.E.M.'s music.

The recording is also top-class and, in vinyl/analog glory, it's a true beauty to the ears, soooo smooth and pleasant and relaxed...

Worthwhile a try by everyone, not necessarily the most daredevils among you... it's new Americana at its best.


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