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Thursday, June 2, 2011

The thickest disc ever?

I found an incredible disc box, about 16 cm thick... it's Marie Claire Alain's COMPLETE Organ Works by J.S. Bach on Erato (French) label... it's a 25 discs box issued in 1968 which won several Prizes and, WOW, it was recorded during a couple of years in churches in Sweden, Denmark and Germany... the ancient organs are flawlessly recorded with a very detailed and lively sound, very "churchie":-)))

Only caveat... the sound engineer sort-of "truncated" the sound halo at the end of every piece... a quite opinable, unwise choice, better, an annoying defect to me.

Anyway, a nice, NICE found and... sure THE thickest disc in my whole collection:-)


henry8 james said...

I want to know what exactly do you mean with 'truncated sound halo at the end of a piece'?
I have three of the records of this set and cannot hear what you mean.

Do you mean the engineer just cuts off the music, a sudden ending or is it something else?

Nice page by the way..

henry8 james said...

What do you mean with a 'truncated sound halo"?

Do you mean the music is cut off, sudden end of the piece that is originally longer?
Or do you hint at a layer of sound arround the music?