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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Michel Petrucciani "Body and Soul" - a movie by Michael Radford

From last Cannes' Film Festival, a movie dedicated to the genius of Michel... his art, his love for life and women... between Paris and California (Big Sur) and NYC... always travelling with his heart musically abridged between Europe and USA.

The director, Oscar Award winner (The Postman, The Merchant of Venice) Michael Radford filmed "Body and Soul" documentary as a jazz improvisation, cool, spirited, kaleidoscopic... have a look to above linked trailer.

I cannot stand in my shoes in waiting to see the movie, out in Italian cinemas from today, June 22.

Yesterday evening, at Rome's Casa del Jazz, a Tribute concert with several great musicians, happened... also hosting, blessing and applauding, Michel's son, Alexandre.

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