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Friday, April 29, 2011


I love trains... I always did.

My grandfather was in "Ferrovie dello Stato" (Italian Railways), as my uncle Ettore: my grandmother brought me several times, as a child, to visit the big exchanging rails cabin, all those lights and the trains from Germany and Austria with logs and the snow...

I never forgot these afternoons, with the smell of spruce and resin and... snow passing in front of me.

Trains... I heard when a kid, from my bed, before sleeping... I still hear them now - in the distance - when air is cold and "thinner".

Last morning, during my daily, early morning Chicco (the dog) peeing walk - at about 6,30 A.M. - I sort-of had an illumination: I very often walk in the park, BUT only seldomly I hear a train noise, whistling and wheels and rails and all...

... and it happened, that VERY morning: a train, maybe a couple of kilometers from me as crow flies, it was crystal clear, real, like it was only few meters from me... like an acoustic, aural mirage.

Air quality? Humidity? Wind, maybe... or my own (improved) attention? Lesser traffic in town, outside the park?

... all the above and...

Sorry, I don't know, exactly...

What I know for sure is "what" and "how" I'm currently listening in my studio: the quality of musical experience, which sounds to my ears nothing short of amazing.

A sense of freshness, aurally comparable to looking at a mountain landscape in a June, sunny, chilly morning... the visual experience of colours, near and far details, and overall beauty of the scene as a whole, is GREATLY enhanced by birds chirping, trees leaves noise in the light wind, and ALL and everything, simply "make sense".

Ever surprising, zest-like, pure music flows from my speakers... things didn't changed, apparently... all gears are where they were and should be, on the shelves... but, nonetheless, like last morning, I "hear the train" like never before...

Also in my studio: the air quality, the humidity, my attention... again, don't know!

It's a reality, for me and for my friends who already experienced this... yes, I dare: perfection.


Saying "Hello!" to Klaus' young grandson - the only kid I'm aware of who is able to walk inside a bass-horn! - for teaching to me a lot;-) about "Thomas the Tank Engine", his beloved cartoon.

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