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Thursday, July 29, 2010


You know... it's utterly wrong saying: "Now I want to have fun!" or "I want to fall in love" or "Let me feel moved" or "I need a friend"... some life aspects simply "are" and you cannot be fooled: emotions, feelings, sensations have no "ON/OFF" switch or command!

Things "happens", period.

Yesterday evening I had a very pleasant listening session in nice solitude and, like it happened several times at home, I didn't have a well-seated, at sweet-spot, hardcore audiophile listen, BUT I simply layed on the sofa, in dimmed light, appreciating Eleni Karaindrou's "Music for Films" on a beautiful (and nicely sounding) ECM vinyl... it's a Theo Angelopulous' movies and related O.S.T.'s compendium, with piano, strings, Eleni's beautiful voice and Jan Garbarek's icy alto-sax, and it was the most appropriate music for my daily musical thirst; also with my relaxing horizontal (wrong) position, I was appreciating a decent soundstage and in a while, I sort-of had the sensation I finally "settled" and "tuned in" with my new environment.

The lights, which I previously kept stronger than needed or wished, were pretty right, I changed some wall dressing, adding some my own jazz musicians pictures and a couple of cool TAS' posters, instead of the Mapplethorpe's flowers I previously had.

The room was welcoming me as I was, finally, accepting "her"... the overall sound is, now, almost OK, as I'm still fiddling with my IVIE IE-30 and IE-20 R.T.A. and Pink-noise generator, but, more than at home, the by-ear fine tuning is necessary to find the best, yet average, balance good for almost every music.

At some point, I suddenly "knew" - like the definite feeling naturally blossomed from my mind and thoughts - the room absorbs what happens "inside her", in her belly and, mysteriously, returns to me the stored, multi-layering music and emotions interwoving under a fog-like, almost palpable, highly cocooning solid air.

As "there is no scientific proof of the existence of music", I'm not aware of any scientific essay about the deep, sometimes heavy, difficult or peaceful relation of Man and his environment, BUT from ancient Chinese wisdom - i.e. Feng-shui - to some modern, illuminated doctrine... with some humble "cleanliness" and being in open-cells mode, we ALL are able to clearly "feel" when a place is good or bad, its vibes and almost healing power on our welfare.

Like dogs do with their resting places at home, we are (most of the times unconsciously) able to choose in a park "that" seat under "that" tree, in a sunny day, to read our book or newspaper... "that" place and not another.

When I choose "that" room to become my music studio, I "felt" it was "the" one.

It's not easy stuff, because it's too easy, ancient knowledge - i.e. DNA-related, skin-feeling, more than guessing and choosing by an arbitrary taste-related choosing.

It's like enamourement... it's chemical stuff, but you "know" when you fall in love, don't you?

I'll re-read an old, slim booklet I have somewhere about "Feng-shui", BUT I remember it wasn't only an empty paraphernalia used by cannabis smoking architects to impress their upper-class clients;-)- i.e. "this chair there, the sofa overthere, away from the window, because good-health fly away from the window"... "beware subterranean waters: they make you pee a lot";-))) and the like, but a dowser-like approach... almost forgot art and knowledge... but it works!

It's not furnitures positioning, but Man's ease and well-being and his house and outdoor environment relationship(s).

Heavy stuff, indeed!

The all unparallel walls created several troubles to me, while positioning the speakers... I used same "wrong" means while composing the four ways and horns and drivers, like I previously used to do at home; in a couple of month I'll finally have installed the new low-end "true" horn with in-phase upper ways... a lenghty, expensive, time-consuming, difficult, almost never-ending job which I would have never been able to complete without the wise support and skills of Franz Hinterlehner from Austria.

Nonetheless, beside the still - to my regret - unfinished layout, the overall results are - already - far superior than I used to enjoy at home: the larger space allows a better, enhanced, yet not exagerated low frequencies expressiveness, the wooden, high ceiling benefits the highs, which flows liquid and unbeamy, natural as I seldom heard everywhere but at a concert and large scale orchestral music is much more pleasant and truer.

That's why I feel I got Goto back, at last... not an easy task, but - now I know for sure - the lesser system I used for some (toooo looong) weeks was making me sick;-)


R_Carter said...

This sounds to me like the Place in the Don Juan's teachings...

twogoodears said...

... of course, Randolph;-)! As I always say, there isn't nothing new under the sun... also at Miskatonic University;-)
Seriously: being misleaded and fearfully blind/dumb to instincts and "the untold" life aspects is as wrong as believing to all and every (pop) tale you read... you name it: crop circles, 2012, Area 51, lead into gold, etc.
Castaneda or my dog sure knew/knows their business!