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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Rip-off

... yes, folks: I feel me like I've ripped-off, wiped-away years of music and audio growing up in my old, trusty room, the 10th of an inch aligning, the careful mains and signal layout, the electric-phase...WOOOOOSHHH!

I'm dismantling the BIG speakers to move them to my new listening room... also prepared several discs carton boxes which hadn't a shelf, yet... must admit it's a fascinating moment, as I saw record-covers I didn't see in years, MANY years... mostly classic Original Soundtracks discs, a mesmerizing passion I got many years ago as a "The Absolute Sound" reader.

But, sincerely, dismantling a carefully tuned music system is something which need a good temper... maybe I don't have it, as I'm deeply suffering... will I be able to replicate the same magic I experienced last Sunday and many, many times before, alone or with (selected) friends?

I sort-of wanted, better "needed" to give an hello to my music-machines, which will possibly remain in their wooden-boxes (Goto's) and bubble-plastic (horns) for some time... so, the "ceremony", the symbolic "last listening" was made with a vinyl disc I found few hours before at a flea-market: a minty, original, seldom seen in UK-made vinyl first pressing of "Dondestan" by Robert Wyatt, one of my most beloved records ever.

I confess I only had a disk - actually two: an original and a re-mastered issue - of such a record... I sure wasn't prepared in this someway "blue" listening session, to hear a full world of new details, studio reverberations, "soul" passing through the disc/turntable/electronics and speakers combo so easily...

Again and again, I had the unsolicited confirmation a properly tuned audio system trascends its parts and cables and material world and became an antenna for the passionate listener which give music, that so mysterious Music which everyone also mysteriously choose in this or that very moment, to be proper, adequate and sincere.

I listened to the two sides of RW's record and then, almost in tears, I turned off all toggle switches and began disconnecting cables, and tubes, and crossovers and horns and drivers...

... the notes almost still resonating in the room (and sure in my head and soul...) I put same attention in dismantling my music & audio gears as I (try) to put when I'm fiddling on a new part installation... very Zen, as Life isn't worst or less powerful than Death, and viceversa... and "care" is a compassion act, preparing to better enjoying my beloved music in the new room.

Seems, to my flawed, biased eyes, a "reincarnation" process, as I already know it will be a different grand-total coming from same parts, BUT in a not-so-slightly different environment - size/materials/mains sockets and electric line... also my attention level will be different... - the balance will have to be found, again...

Humbly, without nervousness or excessive hurry... naturally.

It's life and like when a love is over, we ALL need a good needle and sewing-wire to recompose the scene, whatever it be...


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Tubes for sound said...

Good lck on that move, never easy to leave a kmown a room....hope one day to meent in the new one....take care