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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Record of the Week: Tiny Vipers - Life on Earth

Tiny Vipers is the stage name of Jesy Fortino, an acoustic musician from Seattle, Washington. After having started as out a more conventional pop singer-songwriter, she has since developed a very distinct style. She uses both minimal but complicated melodies and techniques that move her away from the pop sound of Hands Across the Void into more abstract music.

Her guitar technique is very acute, and during live performances, she will play non-repeating instrumental guitar parts between songs. It is hard to tell when one song ends and the next begins, or what is improvised and what is written.

Life on Earth was released on July 7, 2009 on Sub Pop. Luckyhorse Industries released a limited edition 180 gram double vinyl on November 16, 2009, which included a bonus track "Audrey's Well".

A blogger note: the writings on cover are soooooo shy to demand a STRONG (or right) light just to read the title on cover... shame;-) - we're not all young and eagle-sight!

After usual Wikipedia's cold facts, let me say Jesi, her guitar playing, smooth, precise, inventive and intriguing, her soft melodies and atmospheres, her VERY Seattle-ish vocals and Nick Drake-like musical soundscapes are a true, little, humble find!

Go and buy or download it... apparently a nice AAD recording worth the vinyl expense and hassle - i.e. search, being a (very) limited-edition of 500 copies, only;-) - to reach full-AAA glory.

... the vinyl-lover, as a bonus - beside the bonus track - will also better read title and liner notes;-)

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