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Monday, May 24, 2010

The most perfect song - Moon in June - Robert Wyatt and The Soft Machine

When I purchased "Third" - the seminal double-record set by Soft Machine - decades ago, I sure wasn't prepared to The Beauty of "Moon in June".

I was already aware of Robert Wyatt's voice, from that "Hope for Happiness" on SF's first effort on Probe label, a voice which was able to stop the clocks in all house... BUT, nonetheless, "Moon in June" was, still is REALLY too much for everyone's mind!

Its length seems changing depending on the listener mood, on weather and colour of sofa and room walls... it's a fractal, tesseract-like "thing", where this heavenly voice is an instrument, where the simple melody is also ever changing and, myself as many others, after a whole life spent listening to it, well, you cannot surprise in finding always new, unheard and hidden notes and nuances.

The time changes are so often performed you can consider it as a liquid variation, a movement-structured piece, Andante, largo, minaccioso, calmo, presto...

... but this voice, beside every word and the rivers of ink which has been used to describe it, THIS very voice tells all and everything.

It's like re-re-reading "Siddharta" by Hermann Hesse or some Khalil Gibran's book; you feel quite stupid when you pick up the worned out book from the shelf, because, hey... I'm not eighteen years old anymore... BUT, after first pages, like at first "Moon in June"'s notes... you simply breathe, and let life and beauty of creation flowing... simply, as misterious as life itself... simple as a flower, yet sooo complex: I'm whistling it right now, and also a lone, humble whistle gives to that song it's full glory , uniqueness and dignity.

A love for life, folks... as a gift, I'll give you a true gem of an hint, for free: Robert Wyatt could sing Great London telephone directory and the result would still be Music!

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