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Monday, June 8, 2009

WJAAS - A classy way to clean/undust vinyl records

... much better and no-global than the usual, expensive "audiophile" stuff - i.e. carbon-fiber brush, I recently found a classy super smooth, and most of all, super dust capturing item;-):

It's a 10 cm (right the size of a record side...) "Vajo/Kozan squirrell", extra-thin hairs coming from this exotic squirrell tail from Siberia (sounds snobbish and unheard enough, pals?;-))); such a classy item is used in restoring ancient painting-frames with golden leaves and the like.

It's a brush absolutely nicely and flawlessly performing, leaving record surface without static for, at least, the whole listening record-side... I've been impressed by the anti-tics/tocs which this humble brush performed, without any bristle left on record surface.

A cheap purchase, at about EUR 10 per brush, maybe worth someone attention.

Here is a useful link and instructions:

Kazan Vajo brushes - will be enough to touch some wool felt to electrify the brush, which will capture dust on record surface.


mansmellsgreat said... italian...but..I have a sister in rome..anyway where do you get this brush?

twogoodears said...

They're available at "belle arti"/art-shops online, as used for "foglia d'oro" applying - i.e. golden leaf, the super-light golden sheets to restore frames and other old and ancient objects.
Here is one of the several links where to find this items: