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Saturday, March 15, 2014

Piers Faccini

This artist is a maven... hinting - talking about guitar playing style - to Ali Farka Toure, Tinariwen, Bert Jansch, Nick Drake (for the voice, as well)... BUT still remaining Piers Facccini...

... an angel-like voice and... hey... are these wings, behind Piers?

A great concert yesterday night in Mantua, Italy... easy and warm on stage, emphatic and friendly, like your neighbor musician pal...

Accompanied by a nice Guild Aristocrat hollow-body '50s guitar and a Danelectro... and this voice - warm, expressive, smooth gravel-like... supported by some percussions, a marimba and polite drums.

Cool, indeed... 

Thanking my friend Arnaldo for joyining and the above pix of Piers and me, chatting before the show... and (again) to Silvia Boschero and her Moby Dick for airing Piers' music, only some weeks ago... my first exposure to Piers.

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