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Thursday, March 13, 2014


"After silence, that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music" - Aldous Huxley

"There is no scientific proof of existence of music" - Albert Einstein

Wondering "why" so many pixes and forums and blogs and Hi-End fairs devoted to audio gears... maybe due to the immateriality of music... so, while "food" can be shown and appreciated at various levels - i.e. smell, tactile, visual and tasted/digested (not that satisfaction on the latter...), of course, music can only be heard and soul-digested... the gap, time-lapse between the hearing and enjoying is variable... not necessarily an instantly enjoyed music gives a long-lasting, DNA-involving, blissful experience.

Nonetheless, the misteriousness involved in music eerieness makes us all appreciating the hardware (audio and musical instruments) needed to the reproducing of music in our homes.

We are sort-of globally fooled... looking at a shiny, or technically brave or cleverly conceived piece of gear we both "see" the chance to get "better music" and the workmanship shown... we almost perceive the aural improvements which we wish ourselves we'll be able to get from this or that "better" gear.

Sometimes, like a luthier "see" a cello or a violin or a guitar from some wood slabs, the ultimate audio and music scholar "see", "feel" the final sonics of a given audio system, smooth or coldish, soundstaging or not, dynamics, detailing and all the in-between plethora of audio lingo and amenities.

As a guitar player, I sometimes listen to the very best music in my mind... I also dream of music and sounds... is this ideal musical experience the straightest, nearest to our inner God or music-deities... so pure and unrelated to cables-gears-rooms-noises-etc.

Is the latter the most satisfying music available to humankind?

The truest?

The purest?


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