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Sunday, January 26, 2014

432 hz

This will be my new A1 frequency of choice... and this the new and only accessory for tuning my acoustic guitars: a Made in Germany 432 hz tuning-fork.

Fibonacci's spirit is in me, folks:-) and I'm ready for Pythagorean tuning experimenting.

I recently read very amusing WEB misunderstandings, where people around didn't get the difference between frequencies and notes names... the A or Concert Pitch, always an A - by convention - can go and went in the last centuries from around 380 hz to 480 hz... a VERY intriguing topic which I already wrote about, years ago...

What I didn't was experimenting myself, with my own ears and instruments...

A gap I'm perusing and diggin'... and a world of difference vs. 440 hz A.. or not?

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