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Saturday, December 14, 2013

The Peak 2.0

ALL others seem "broken", folks... I still cannot explain "what" gives to this arm this incredible naturalness and sense of rightness... workmanship precision, materials, spirit infused by the maker, an old artisan with 55 years of precision lathing and machining... a true artist and an eccentric - not using a computer, WEB or even email - yet a curious enthusiast, never tired of experimenting in his workshop, not only audio related, of course.

Yesterday evening listening to AEOC's "Urban Bushmen" (yes, still digging this 2LPs on ECM),  I blissfully shot the four sides and - aurally remembering the previous reference (...) - what I appreciate more is the load of details blossoming here and there - most impressively, the coughing audience, previously hidden and blurred - and the liquidness of the so often raucous baritone and bass saxes and the incredibly dynamic Lester Bowie's trumpet and flugelhorn...

These instruments sounded - and not slightly - like playing someway stressed, "at their limits",  to the ear, speakers and room...

The Peak easily manages so nicely all the dynamics in the grooves, from PPP to FFF... on "Urban Bushmen",  on side 3,  there is a strange looooong glissando-like track, where the group plays only few notes, in a very quiet climax... with previous arm, the glissando, made of soft cymbals and drums leather brushing and saxes soft sounds also shows some didjeridoo-like sounds and the dynamic increases and increases... 'til an exploding, orgiastic dream/nightmare of baritone and bass saxes... IMPRESSIVE!

This glissando previously was sort-of boring... now, all clicks beautifully and effortless and makes sense and you follow the layers which make the preparing of the above mentioned explosion like really being part of the music!

I'm very, very, very impressed...

The cartridge?

A no brainer: it's always the mighty, 2005 vintage Lumiere DST, of course... bar none, the winner, in my system, with Garrardzilla...

... like The Peak 12" arm.

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