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Friday, December 6, 2013

Perspectives - Nelson Mandela, Egyptians, ants and The Art Ensemble of Chicago

Nelson Mandela passed away...

He was a giant... he's Soweto and whole world hero...

What could I do to honor his memory?

I played The art Ensemble of Chicago's "Urban Bushmen"... it's Mama Africa, more than Shaka Zulu!

It's my humble opinion...  yet "Uncle" by Roscoe Mitchell still resonates in my ears... I felt it as a soundtrack to his soul flying high... somewhere.

Am I crazy?

Such an huge personality matched to a vinyl disc and some painted-faces musicians playing alive in a Munchen concert house, in 1980?

Yes, folks... it's ALL in perspective: I suffered so much for my beloved Chicco, my little pup who passed away last year... I suffered like for my mom and dad and bro... maybe more, who knows.

It's not a soccer match... no winners or losers in pain and life facts...

Are Ancient Egypt's pyramids more impressive and timeless than some gorgeous anthills you can find in the countryside?

Egyptians and ants are nothing vs. universe immensity... animals and men are a virus, who knows... a very organized and strong virus, but only a virus, who really knows?

Every living creature sure owns its identity and uniqueness.

Doubts... fragility... selfconsciousness... bull-shit!?!

Sure, sometimes, one in millions... among ants and men, as well, someone born as a special breed and he's as strong as an ocean wave, a volcano, a storm.

Nelson Mandela was as a mighty wind for whole humankind... strong and sweet, as well... moving the flowers and destroying apartheid... same wind, pure.

R.I.P. Nelson Mandela... rest in peace... and say hello to Lester Bowie's spirit... I played him and AEOC's "Urban Bushmen" for you, today.

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