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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Hidden Treasures Dept. - Peter Blegvad with John Greaves and Chris Cutler - Just Woke up (ReR 1996)

I've been a Peter Blegvad's fan for decades: Slapp Happy and Henry Cow, Andy Partridge and everything in between...

Found today an humble disk at flea-market for a coffee and... WOW!

A superb disk I've listened to in loop mode since I brought it home... what an author, what an arranger, what a recording... what a record!

Songs are almost easy listening but, hey!, who cares... it's a nice, NICE record and I fell in love for songs like "That'll be him Now", almost the perfect song everyone would like to write and play, one day... or "Hell's Despite" or "Incinerator" with that 12 strings guitar... or "Meet the Rain" or "Waste of Time" or "Something Else",  almost Dylanesque... but all the disk is a joy to listen to.

It's both American and deeply English sounding... sad and psych, folky and dissonant, always intriguing and surprising... only do not look for his hey days sounds with Slapp Happy & Henry Cow... better thinking to the playfulness and ingenuity of early Slapp Happy, alone, on their first disk, someway reminding Kevin Ayers' songwriting (on Joy of a Toy or Whatevershebringwesing).

It's summertime sung by a vacationing Englishman... he already knows it will over, soon, and rain and fog and cold will come... 'til the next year... it's sadness and hope and happiness.

Give Peter and this disk a try... you won't regret.

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