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Saturday, September 28, 2013

ALPS RK50 Rotary Potentiometer 10K 50K 100K 250K logarithmic pot Made in Japan

This High-Grade Master Potentiometer stands out principally for following features:
  • Gold plated multi contact  point wire brushes reduce distorsion in sound reproduction. 
  • Employment of low-distorsion carbon ink provides high fidelity sound reproduction.
  • The application of low-distorsion ink provides also a  gang error  of ± 1 dB for the raange between -100 and 0 dB.
  • Employment of mirror surface-treated resistor materials reduce slide noise.
  • Designed torque mechanism adds a good operational feel.
  • Solid brass lathe-carved individually case
  • Solid brass case improves channel separation preformance.
  • Total rotational angle: 300°
  • Metal axis of 8mm of diameter with an entire length of 25mm (including the thread M12)

May a potentiometer be defined as "a beauty"... definitely YES!

This is THE Alps' which made the myth... available in these formats/values - 10K 50K 100K 250K

A caveat? Only one: it's USD 785 each! That's the (European) price for uncompromising quality.

Reportedly, from my trusty best pal Lo who already knew about this classy pot, transparency in spades and THE best money can buy!

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