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Monday, July 8, 2013

SUM & Goto Unit-USA - a nice marriage

Ming Su of Goto Unit - USA did it... he hired SUM Design and here is the rendering of the project of a cleverly made industrial chic - as the site reports - speaker using ALL Goto drivers, most important, time-aligned...

I like it, most of all the upper three ways holder!

It's the updated, improved new version of something John H. Sheerin designed for Ming Su some couple years ago... have a look here  for original project at John's site, also a goldmine itself.

The prototype looks a little raw vs. the above SUM's rendering... yet the idea John had and possibly discussed/developed with Ming is still here and valid and clever... someway reminding a Leonardo da Vinci's project:-)

SUM's speaker used the double back/loaded horn John made back then: also if I personally prefer the full horn Goto's, the project looks cooler than average DIY efforts around and one of the very few to - at least - try an always paying drivers/horns time-alignment.

Thanks to John H. Sheerin and a Bravo! to SUM, John and Ming Su.


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