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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Musings?!? Some useful vacation tips

Beware, folks!

If you go camping or vacationing with your wife, if she buy this dish washing-fluid of this very brand, you - yes, you, the Alpha Male - could end always washing dishes every day!


The original TV-commercial had a silly, apparently innocent little song - i.e. "I piatti-ti, i piatti-ti, con Nelsen Piatti li vuol lavare lui!" (freely translating from Italian - "Dishes, dishes, with Nelsen's washing'em he wishes" or something...

So, beware of this innocuously antromorphous, cool, simpatico, macho-hinting plastic bottle containing the dish-washing fluid: it's a tricky weapon soooo cleverly conceived by some perverse female creative-mind to win the male resistance to dishes hand-washing.

It really works... and my wife grins...



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