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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Klipsch's La Scala - to sell or not to sell?

The masterpiece by Colonel Paul. W. Klipsch, 1969 vintage... I had them at home as my last debris of audio system beside my little  studio with Gotorama... fed by Emission Labs. 300B mesh-plate, Partridge trannies amps, a cheap, vintage Philips CD 104 and Luxman AT 3000 passive preamp... simple, transparent and effective!

No more music but for some radios, at home...

WAF wins and rules, folks!

My old trusty La Scalas' seems sooo cute near Gotorama... yet their sound is soooo nice, balanced and pure...

La Scalas' here showed with IVIE IE-30 Real Time Analyzer...

To sell or not to sell... that's the question:-)))

I put on Ebay, then I ended the auction...  how,  HOW I'd wish having a warehouse where to stack every audio gear I love!

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