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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Aimer Et Perdre: To Love & To Lose Songs, 1917-1934 - music from the past

Just released 3 LP version on Angry Mom Records.
Accompanied by three illustrations by Robert Crumb and a 16 page booklet full of lyrical translations and rare images, this unique ode to the universal power of love collects 36 prewar songs of passion. These arose from the Cajun bayous, Ukraine, Poland, rural America and beyond: "She Lied to Me" Emry Arthur; "Aimer Et Perdre" Cleoma & Joe Falcon; "I Never Will Marry" Carter Family; "False Hearted Lover's Blues" Dock Boggs; "Kolomyika Buczacka" Michael Thomasa; "Two Step De Maman" Amede Ardoin & Dennis McGee; "Too Late" Stoneman Family; "Marusia" Ukrainska Selska Orchestra; "L'Abandonner" Montet & Dupuis, and more. Respectfully crafted by Christopher King and Susan Archie for Angry Mom Records


1. Aimer et Perdre (To Love and To Lose) - Cleoma & Joe Falcon
2. Polka Mazurka - Ukrainska Selska Orchestra
3. Ladies Quadrille - Happy Hayseeds
4. Je Veux Marier (I Want To Marry) - Leo Soileau & Moise Robin
5. I Never Will Marry - Carter Family
6. Assi Dans Les Fenetre de Ma Chambre (Sitting by the Window of My Room) - Blind Uncle Gaspard


1. Oberek z Migroda (Oberek From Migroda) - Jozef Brangel i Wiejska Orkiestra
2. De Tuy Bew Yamiezku? (Where Were You Johnny?) - Samuil Philip & Lemko Orkiestra
3. Ukrainske Wesilla w Ameryci (Ukrainian Wedding in America Pt. 1) - Ukrainska Orchestra Pawla Humeniuka
4. Ukrainske Wesilla w Ameryci (Ukrainian Wedding in America Pt. 2) - Ukrainska Orchestra Pawla Humeniuka
5. A Freilachs von Der Chuppe (A Happy Dance from the Wedding Ceremony) - Kandel's Orchestra
6. Uwiedziona Dziewczyna (The Cheated Girl) - Franciszek Dukli Wiejska Banda


1. False Hearted Lover's Blues - Dock Boggs
2. Madam Young, Donnez Moi Vôtre Plús Jolie Blond (Madam Young, Give Me Your Sweetest Blonde) - Dennis McGee & Sady Courville
3. Kolomyika Buczacka (Kolomyika from Buczack) - Michael Thomasa
4. Obertana z Molodom (Hoedown with the Bride) - Bratia Orkiestra "Holatiky
5. I Went to See My Sweetheart - Lewis McDaniel & Gid Smith
6. Two Step de Maman (Mama's Two Step) - Amédé Ardoin & Dennis McGee

1. La Valse La Prison (The Prison Waltz) - Douglas Bellard & Kirby Riley
2. Hutzulka w Semerczyni (Hutzulka From Semerczyni) - Ukrainska Orchestra Michala Tomasa
3. Marusia (Little Mary) - Ukrainska Selska Orchestra
4. Vous M'avez Donne Vôtre Parole (You Gave Me Your Word) - Dennis McGee & Sady Courville
5. She Lied to Me - Emry Arthur
6. L'Abandonnér (The Forsaken) - Montet & Dupuis


1. Tanec Husar (Hussar Dance) - Michael Thomasa
2. Wesilny Kozak (Wedding Breakdown) - Ukrainska Selska Orchestra
3. Cyganske Vesilia (A Gypsy Wedding Pt. 3) - Stefana Shkimby i Cyganska Orchestra
4. Cyganske Vesilia (A Gypsy Wedding Pt. 4) - Stefana Shkimby i Cyganska Orchestra
5. Chernovitzer Bulgar (Dance From Chernovitz) - Broder Kapelle
6. Po Cos Dziewce Powiedziala (Girl, Why Did You Tell?) - Muzyka Karola Stocha Góralska Orchestra


1. Too Late - Stoneman Family
2. Quelqu'un Est Jalous (Someone is Jealous) - Guillory & LaFleur
3. Prydany - Pawlo Humeniuk, Ewgene Zukowsky, Rosa Krasonowska
4. Holubka Polka - Ukrainska Selska Orchestra
5. Never Let the Same Bee That Stung You, Sting You Twice - Richard
6. One Step a Marie (Mary's One - Step)

Cool... and nice Robert Crumb's artwork.

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