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Thursday, May 2, 2013

ALLNIC Puritas... more Repetita Juvant, with a little help from my... Arche' headshell!

After happily living for some months with the beauty and easiness of Decca SC4E, I strongly wished to return to ALLNIC Puritas and its extreme detailing and superb musicality.

I had to suffer a little with installing the headshell wires as both Arche' headshell and Puritas' terminal pins are on the thick side vs. the snug fit of Oyaide's silver wires...

Had to take Valium for a couple of days before re-trying the mount, after I damaged one of the wires the first time and had to re-buy a new quartet... a REALLY gonzo-like affaire:-)

Anyway, this morning, thanking (...) the VERY annoying and boring and dull rainy weather, I successfully completed my (little) task...

... and... AND...

... welcome back home, beauty...

Seriously, the Decca is a very, VERY musical cartridge... Puritas is both musical and detailing like no other in my humble experience... tracking like no other... pleasant and involving like no other...

The Arche' headshell, thanking the 16Audio Blog folks who suggested the heavenly match of Puritas & Arche', is... well, an heavenly match.

Finely tuning the SRA/VTA at headshell is really easy and unforgiving... you cannot be wrong, with Arche'!

The cartridge "chatting" coming from the disc in the silence of the room, system in mute-mode, is non-existing... the resonances are virtually absent and the overall sound - REALLY indeed - is impressive...

I'm using my WE 618B MC transformers and my friend Andrea's - aka "The Very Best Cable Maker of North-Eastern Italy" (his nom de guerre:-))) - 7N Silver cobra-like interconnects... those HUGE black "things" arching between Thomas Mayer's LCR Phono stage and (hidden) trannies.

Also enjoying the Luxman AT-3000 Ultimate buffer... but still preferring the Fidelity Research AS-1:-)

I had to hardly push myself to stop listening disc after disc after disc... everything is clicking so beautifully!

... again and again: music and audio is THE MOST REWARDING AND TOTALIZING PASSION, period.

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