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Saturday, March 9, 2013

The Saturday Disk - Arvo Part's "Fur Alina"

A marvellous piece of piano music, as recorded on July 1995 and issued by ECM New Series in same year... a truly surprising disk I wasn't aware of introduced to me by my friend Edoardo during a listening session I'll remember for years, yesterday evening...

Like Maestro Part says on disk forewords, this music, part of tintinnabuli series, is like a white, pure light... like a prism, the listener sensibility and passion and "understanding/enjoying" makes possible the creations of "colours"... pale, beautiful colours which soooo beautifully dress life and silence.

A superbly light and deep, sooo easy to the soul, kind of music, indeed.

Some trivia... on track 4, "Fur Alina" second variation you'll find a burglar hidden in the (sonic) background... and trains and an aircraft... and the piano pedals and strings muting are pretty awesome: you can hear a seldom heard brushing, harp-like sound, like a feather strumming the piano strings... a truly incredible resolution!

The piano (and the other piano and strings pieces) are recorded in a church in Frankfurt and the pedals and Alexander Malter's - the superb pianist - puffing and breathing and clothes rubbing (!!!) are very lively captured.

A true joy to listen to and a recording to die for, indeed.


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