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Monday, March 18, 2013

A good Cat!

Repetita juvant!

Sure he's not an audio industry slave... a truth seeker and a passionate music lover... his Forum is a Goldmine for Audio, Music and related... always full of news and in-deep discussions.

Ladies & gentlemen, here is Roman Bessnow and his Macondo in the background.



Peter Haralanov said...
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Peter Haralanov said...

Hi Stefano,

What is your impression about the the sound of his system?


twogoodears said...

Hi Peter... unfortunately I only found Roman's pix in the Web and found it nice repeating HOW much his wisdom gives to our common passion... I'd like to visit him, BUT it's a long time - years - I do not go to USA and I'm not planning travelling there in the near future:-)
So I "only" am a reader of Roman's forum like yourself.
All The very best,
P.S. - a friend and fellow Romy's forumer from Mexico City (Jorge) visited him and... it's ALL true - i.e. the man hears and knows how to listen.... and most important he has a looong experience of live orchestra (BSO) concert going.