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Sunday, August 26, 2012

My digital rig

I'm a digital newbie, folks... in the sense I'm much more an analog-user and lover and a vinyl discs collector (as the ratio between 9000+ vinyls vs. circa 300 disks says) and always consider and considered disks second choice... furthermore I'll never be a download freak;-), so do not name me "liquid music"... as my friend Reinhard from Koln, but also Giorgio well knows it... anyway, here is my TacT RCS 2.2 XP AAA [preamp, room corrector, (partial) crossover and... DAC], Bang & Olufsen Beogram CD 5500 (using Philips TDA1541A DAC and CDM4-11) and Meridian 500 CD transport (a Mk1, always using CDM4)...

The other digital source, always vintage, like myself:-))), is a trusty, old Studer A730, my very first disk player, bought brand new in 1995, using CDM0 and Philips TDA1541A "Double Crown" premium quality DAC, directly feeding Mayer's Line Stage preamp, when not using TacT room correction... as I told you, sometimes it happens.

I like them all... yet, wish to point it out: B & O Beogram CD 5500 REALLY is a masterpiece, re. building quality and parts and sound-wise, and one of the most underrated piece of classic hi-end gears, ever... also with no remote control and with that weird programming system... uneasy and cool like an Aston Martin DB6 or a '60s Corvette.

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