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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Kate Bush's "50 Words for Snow" and Mark Okrand's Klingon "Quatlho"

I love this song... you know, the Inuits uses one hundred or so different names to describe "snow"...

Kate tried to give a poetic soul to these academic, anthropological facts... so we have a weird "slipparella" or "Zhivagodamarblatash"...

... but my snow-name of choice is "peDtah 'ej chIS qo'" as spoke by Klingons in Star Trek TV series... quatlho spoken here:-)!

... and the outside 35 degrees Celsius seems to do not worry that much:-)

BTW - The double vinyl is a beauty... in Bernie Grundman's mastering glory, also if some tracks are slightly distorting - i.e. in Elton John's singing track... changed two copies, and the third I finally kept was also sometimes slightly overloaded, so the vinyl-transfer was the problem.

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