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Friday, August 3, 2012

Heroes Dept. - Capt. Paul Watson's Sea Shepherd

Thanking this Man, whales, dolphins and fishes, sharks and their fins are safer than they should be...

He's the visionary Master & Commander whose Greenpeace in the past and now Sea Shepherd non-profit organizations fight every single day, every year, untired and strong.

I was in tears - I'm quite often in tears, these days... - watching at an Artaud's documentary which showed sharks barbaric fishing, where the noble fishes - thousands of them every year - are captured, mutilated of their fins and then, still alive and deadly wounded, are thrown away, in the sea again... to die horribly... for a soup in some Far East restaurant.

For a fins soup, folks...

For a soup...

A wonderful creature like a shark mutilated and killed for a soup!

Vomit... and tears.

... but also angriness!

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