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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

... more Garrardzilla...

... last 301's incarnation?!?!


... sure 'til the next tweak... aehm, week:-)))

Seriously, listening to, say, Markevich's "Histoire du Soldat" on Philips with young Peter Ustinov's superb voice proved to be a TRULY stellar experience, as every parameter resulted unbelievably better than ever.

Sound is always relaxed and surprising at same time and controlled, easy and limitless. Dynamics are incredibly various... and silence... SILENCE among notes, folks... is now not only black, but sometimes purple, brown, dark grey, beige, dark green, maroon... so various and so rich of shades and nuances.

It's so beautiful, pure music to my ears.

Searching for merits?

It's an holistic cooperation, where single parts are melted and made into a brand new creature, yet classic looking enough to do not offend also most die-hard vintage lover... thanking the new embedded bronze bearing, 13,5 kilos platter, Ray's chassis and - hidden, underside - the bronze "Foucault's Pendulum" bearing gravity weight:-)))

Results? Lysergic, period!

Sceptics are welcome...


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