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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Lenco G 88... I fell in love!

Despite a faulty cap which I hope to solve, soon - lazy I am, I'm unplugging mains-plug to get ON/OFF like a gonzo, in the meantime - I find its sound very, VERY promising... while my Garrardzilla is still with motor dismantled and EVERY single part cleaned and lubed and made shiny as new to FULLY reach its super quality in Ray's solid chassis... well, in the meantime I really enjoy spinning my vinyls every time, indeed.

The Lenco's attitude is very transparent, with a different silence colour among notes...

... and I love it!


SteveG said...

you wouldn't happen to know what brand lamp that is illuminating the turntable?

twogoodears said...

Hi Steve... cool, uh;-)?!?!
It's a cheap, few euro worth at every Ikea worldwide, lamp;-)