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Monday, April 30, 2012

Telescopes and microscopes

After the recent German audio trip, I was considering the real, different and similar aim of the above visual/optical gears... one is designed and conceived for stars exploring and studying, the other for cells and bacterias and the like...

Can we affirm one is superior to the other?

Nope, sure not...

Klaus' 5 ways horn system in his amazing auditorium, his 16hz lower notes rendition, involving dynamics and incredible soundstage is like Mount Palomar's observatory and its 200cm Hale's telescope.

Reinhard's system is more a microscope, where you listen to Neil Young's Martin acoustic guitar strings rattling at the peg, to his breathing and shoes rubbing the wooden stage on (beloved) Live at Massey Hall concert and more...

My own Gotorama? Also a microscope, where me, myself and I enjoy looking at cells multiplying, endlessly... where I feel musicians clothes movements in front of the mikes, where in a duet the sometimes silent musician is still perceived as a presence, waiting to play again.

I sure like both looking at a vast, say, mountain landscape as I like loosing myself in a flower beautiful complexities, with same level of involvement and overall pleasure.

Like in Nature, the smallest is as miracolous as the greatest, an ant or an elephant are both natural, living masterpieces... our different near-field listening vs. more extreme 5-6 meters from speakers listening are, well, the same of a whole.

No winners, in music... our difference our strength, in harmony.

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