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Thursday, December 8, 2011

The endless orgasm...

... it happened this morning, when I finally returned, full-time - after about two months with the EMT 930st - to the Mighty Magnifier, H.M. the Garrard(zilla) 301!

I had my 301 half dismantled as I was trying both the new spindle and the new 12 kilos platter, listening of course, but more as a work-in-progress experimental listening than a relaxed musical enjoyment.

Swapping tables, arms and cartridges dramatically made me aware of the EMT's shortcomings... pleasant, smooth and "radiophonic", in the sense it always reminds me when - I learned it after years - the 930st was "the" radio workhorse... its sound was... is no spikes, no dips, let's say average sounding... a concept I already expressed several times:-)

The Garrardzilla (see a previous post) is something hard to be believed... sincerely, when I say "Garrardzilla" I mean the almost completed - I'm still waiting for the very last puzzle-part, the Ray Clark's solid chassis which sure as hell will further improve things - and will soon reach 301's Olympus, a statement.

I apologize for repeating myself, the combo is 301, fully hauled and lubricated (new stainless steel springs, refurbished motor, etc. etc.) my own spindle and platter, stainless-steel idler wheel, slate plinth and Schick "Haiku" 12 inches silver arm with Lumiere DST cartridge... it's such a one-of-a-kind piece of gear, an empathic combo, so full of after-market, bespoke parts and attention to details that all the energy and attention returns to the listener at every listening, blossoming and amazing:-)

The overall sound is so... soooo sweet and detailed and full of air and various and life-like, every note has its personality, weight, character, decay and weight in the musical palette... it's always been like this, also in the past... BUT now, folks... it's pure magic, period.

930st vs. 301 seems such a nice match... but unfortunately (not for yours truly...) it's a true lesson for myself my friends and everyone doesn't believe that a table (and arm and cartridge) owns a soul: the music flows freely and effortless, light to the ears... never tiring... with Garrardzilla you risk to listen to 4-5 records in a row, without any sense of time passing or being tired.

A disc - a Telefunken's Ludwig Streicher double bass with piano - I listened only yesterday evening on 930st (with RMA 229 and TSD 15 spherical) sounded brand new, so fresh and full of new nuances with 301... the bow strokes, rosin and fingers of Maestro Streicher are like it's in front of me... breathing and masterfully playing... that's it!

I truly cannot stand in my shoes waiting for the next listening at my studio... seeking again & again, endlessly for "that" orgasm-like feeling... later I'll enjoy music with my pal Franz Hinterlehner, visiting me, my town and Gotorama, of course, for a couple of days.

That's audio, that's its truest meaning... enjoying, moving, giving emotions and shivers... and it's always a joy sharing the above with friends.

... aaahhhhhhhhh...

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