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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A disc for Christmas... Bjork's "Biophilia"

... which means a gift for the platter, cartridge and... ears and soul, of course;-)

Last Bjork's effort - "Biophilia" - which I bought at Ivan's as a gorgeous double vinyl with credit-card shaped, cool complimentary download feature, is a seldom heard beauty of icy atmospheres, harp-generated sounds, whispering voices and pure electro-acoustic soundscapes.

I read on Mojo, some weeks ago, about Bjork's search behind this very disc, the readings which inspired her to compose and play such a wonderful music... also if "Biophilia" was intended as the first interactive disk, ever, where through iPad or other selected computer apps the listener would be allowed to play with mixes and many others visual interactive effects... well, I must say I remained completely indifferent to those hi-tech pluses... BUT the music, THE MUSIC... it's Bjork at her VERY best, up to "Vespertine" high-lights, better than "Medulla" and, most of all, much better than "Volta".

I listened to the four sides in awe, always curious about the next piece, more and more... and will listen to it again, I'm pretty sure.

I strongly suggest you give a listen to "Biophilia", folks... you'll be captured and brought to a better world.

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