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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Ryuichi Sakamoto live in Padua or the (bitter) frustration

Just back home from Sakamoto's live concert in Padua... this concert has hit my lowest instincts... yes, Morelenbaum and his cello, Sakamoto's grand piano, the violin and viola player... BUT, also if I spent an amount of money worth 3 or 4 vinyl-discs;-)... I was seated tenth or eleventh row in an over-heated theatre, the prey of audience noises and musical idiosyncrasies.

This sure brought me to a strangely bad, negative mood: for me "live concert" means breathing same air artist breathes, also feeling but also looking at his gestures, tics, expressions, whatever makes me nearer to the artist himself... also, from the first rows were I usually (try to) sit, I'm able to enjoy both amplified (if any) and - to some extant - acoustic, natural instrument/voice...

Otherwise... well, it sounds maybe excessive, too, TOO much... but... I dare, yesss, I dare saying it: otherwise, I far, far, I mean faaaar more prefere listening to, Sakamoto, for example, in Gotorama shiny - my very own - realism!

... aaaaahhhhhhhhh... feel much better, now!

I mean, people coughin', one hundred kilometers highway, the fog, the hard chairs and... yes, also, must sincerely say, the far away stage almost dark and the not so "right" (let's say "opinable") choice of his (superb) music for such a large venue... well, I was thinking to beloved "Casa" or "Chasm" or "BTTB" or any other Sakamoto's disc issued in the last decade... no, not on the stage, one hour or so ago, BUT in my studio... ah!

Instead of those pro BIG concert speakers, nice as monitors but absolutely flawed in returning (all) the subtleties of the trio, I didn't realize 'til now I prefere listening at home... believe me, it's almost a defeat for yours truly... also if I attend to several, say about 30+ classical concerts per year and, say, 10 or so jazz/folk/rock concerts per year, I never had such a negative reaction to a great musician live concert! NEVER, ever!

... hey, Sakamoto-san... why are you laughing to my frustration?:-)))

Must say that, some months ago, I noticed the seed of the above mentioned craziness, while "enjoying" Van der Graaf Generator (sans David Jackson's saxes) I left theatre wildly blaming over Peter Hammill's choice to play without the saxes... beloved "Man-Erg" from Pawn Hearts seminal album was so disappointing I screamed after the piece, while my friends and whole theatre were handclapping, "Shaaaaame... where is Jacksooooon?!?! Shaaame":-)))

I risked to be picked up by the whitecoats guys and their straightcoats:-)))

... so, seriously: is it possible that listening to my stereo gives me (sometimes) more, MUCH more than a live event?

Will I attend again to a (non classical, jazz or acoustic) concert?

I'm both sad and happy... going schizophrenic?

... yes, maybe and... yes:-)!

... forgettin' to say: I quitted the venue and a concert flawed by a someway unhappy playlist, an extremely noisy air conditioning and highway traffic noises in the background... one hour or so was more than enough... I extremely enjoyed some opera at the radio, on my way back home.


MrG said...

David Jackson-saxes etc
Hugh Banton-keyboards
Pedantic, but get it right please!
Btw, your blog is enjoyable and a regular check.

twogoodears said...

Thanks a lot... tired and angry, I wrote a sort-of typo... not pedantic, RIGHT:0-)))