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Monday, November 7, 2011

The milkshake

Yesterday and on last Saturday I had two very satisfying listenings at my studio... nor strange, neither a rare event, must say;-)

... what I noticed was, instead, a sense of cohesiveness, like a creamy, extremely tasty, so full of multi-coloured nuances... a luscious, smooth (musical) milkshake, where, say, banana, peach, strawberry, milk and ice were all so nicely blended... where the colour wasn't yellow or pink, anymore, but a new colour and no chops and debris of a.m. fruits... only the grand-total - i.e. the milkshake itself - was "there", as a new essence... the dynamics, detailing and that always surprising sense of "brand-new" which hits me - the listener - at every note or so... well, Holger Czukay's "On the way to the peak of normal" on EMI was a never-ending source of enjoyment, as the analog tape multi-editing, loops and reversed-tape created a studio-made soundstage, BUT, nonetheless tremolo electric guitar sounds were so lively and owning an extremely various nature... and each note was shiny and surprising in its VERY own, as I told you.

Also Kate Bush's "Aerial" on EMI double vinyl proved to be - unsurprisingly - a magical aural and musical experience... nice, while waiting for her new "50 Words for Snow", out these days.

Like when I was a teenager and found that old milk-bar, Bar Esperia in Padua... I used to drink one or two milkshakes in a row, as one only woke up my taste and pleasure, so a second one was mandatory... same happens with my Gotorama: one disc, followed by a second one... then I sort of reach an acme, a pleasure overload, and I turn off the system and have the short walk back home.

I - sort-of - fill up the tank with emotions and musical satisfaction and I do not REALLY need those loooong listenings as I used to, years ago... I'm not greedy, anymore; like a superb food doesn't need a pig-manger, a trough-sized dish, BUT form and classy presentation and look and good smell... I'm content, fully satisfied, so I simply go back home to my wife and dog... strangely (or not), I also play my instruments - acoustic guitars, both 6 and 12 strings, and oud - much more than some months ago, when the fine-tuning of my system was still an issue which, sort-of, left me "musically tired".

Music, as life, needs balance and a quiet serenity to be fully appreciated, as appreciation isn't - for yours truly - only at ears level, but at a much, MUCH deeper, spiritually and physically, level... a very intensity-variable, ever-changing form, something which moves like a Vu-meter needle depending on mood, weather, etc.

... but, still, a necessity like air and water.

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