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Sunday, October 23, 2011

A very, VERY sad GP Sunday - Marco Simoncelli dies at 24

During today Sepang/Malaysia's MotoGP, the young, talented, "crazy" ace, the italian motorbike-racer Marco Simoncelli unfortunately was hitted by Edwards and Rossi - his close friend, by ill-fated chance - after he badly slipped on a bend.

It was clear he was heavily wounded... a broken neck is deadly stuff...

It's really a sad evenience, folks... a young champion, a young life was lost... thieved, washed away!

R.i.p. to Marco, fondly remembering his simpathy and look, with his long hairs in the noble tradition of Omobono Tenni, the late Guzzi italian champion during '30s and '40s, who also sported a magnificient, lion-like mane.

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