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Saturday, October 15, 2011


I received a copy of Roger Price's seminal booklet as a gift from Lorenza, a girlfriend, in early '70s and cherished the peaceful, TV-free world hinting, classy humbleness of these apparently silly non-sense drawings and related titles... it's in fact a 100% pure mind-game, as only a pencil and a paper sheet is needed... I spent endless hours drawing those Droodles during boring job-related workshops, which - considering these days flawed economy - proved to be much cooler than hedge-funds, futures or any other stock-market fucking-tool around!

Sure I both entertained myself and friends or colleagues for decades, now:-) and never, ever fucked anyone pocket, with Droodles.

Great, late Frank Zappa also appreciated, as he used one of the very best Droodles for his '82 "Ship arriving too late to save a drowning Witch"... and - as usually - Frank proved he was 120% right and decades ahead of any politician, anywhere/anytime... irony is a weapon, against thieves and system.

I dedicate the old-timey simple, almost forgotten childish class of Droodles to the many bravehearts who are (peacefully) rioting against banks' and economics super-power and war games, worldwide.

Make love, not war... and, I add, play Droodles with your kids, leaving that TV/fireplace OFF, for a while... listen and play music, sing, draw Droodles, pee the dog... gather and chat a lot... whatever, as "Times They're a-Changing"... let's go back to the roots, re-discovering what really counts... also (humble) Droodles will do:-)

Imagination is healing, powerful stuff... and absolutely a for-free toy!

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