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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Quality, audio and Zenith 548 E office stapler

Zenith 548 E... ZENith 548 E... everyone, virtually everywhere in the world, who have an office with a desk and deal with papers, soon or later will encounter "the" Zenith's stapler!

It's shape and materials are immutable... it's zoo-morphic - like looking at the clouds, it reminds to a whale or something - and handling it, like I did few seconds ago, gives a sense of "rightness": the sound when pressing it is "right", the original, little blue box staples enter the staplers as a snug-fit and many sheets of paper are flawlessly punched and ordered, easily...

Made since '50s, back in the '60s and '70s, the colour was someway "serious" and no-frills, like the offices where the Zenith was used... grey, dark green, tan... now, in the 3rd millenium, the maker - "Balma, Capoduri & C. SPA - Voghera (Italy)" - felt the need to rejuvenate it, fortunately NOT in the technical features or making them more "modern" - i.e. saving on materials and building quality like everyone else does - BUT they coloured it: now make them pink, pale blue, bright green... yellow!

... so what?

Handling a Zenith 548 E is like handling a balanced, user friendly audio system: never feeling guilty of money spent (chinese staplers cost a 10th of an original Zenith, proudly Made in Italy and exported worldwide...), or having to fight againts garbled sharp staples or badly punched paper (or ugly aesthetics and/or sound coming from silly priced, mass-built electronic gears).

Life should be easy, folks... a music system should, and sometimes it REALLY does, be easy despite some complications involved in cabling, fine-tuning, ON/OFF procedures, and the sound should leave us... well, unthinking, breatheless, period!

Enjoying, satisfied, in awe... BUT with our mind emptied and calm like an high mountain lake in summer.

A no brainer... like Zenith 548 E (Pat. 444639).

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