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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The most perfect song - It Suits me Well - Sandy Denny

Some cold Wikifacts about the 2nd eponymous Sandy Denny's album where this superb song, also written by Sandy herself, so humbly plays as the next-to-last on side two.

A little story behind this VERY song choice: it was 1972 and I was a student, always with my little "Tico-Tico";-) brand transistor radio "ON" and, like happened so many times, I remained jaw-dropped for 5,05 minutes;-) when the DJ, at the time called a "conductor" [(a pompous nickname more apt to an orchestra conductor than to a youngster talking about records;-), but those were the days;-)] put that disc on the turntable platter.

... anyway, at the time I owned, maybe, 40 sweated;-) vinyl 33 r.p.m. records and read three music magazines: "Ciao 2001" weekly and "Gong" and "Muzak" monthly and dreamed about "buying and listening to ALL and EVERY record in the world", as I told to my mom one day (...)

Radio was, plainly said, a window on the world of music and, that afternoon, "It Suits me Well" stopped my heartbeat, clock hands, and my breathing, as well.

Sandy Denny's voice was so... burnished, unique, touching and moving... on a Saturday morning I went to "Gabbia" records shop in Padua where I ordered to Sandra - then a friend - that LP where the above song was contained.

I remember I had to whistle the melody and she, by chance, recognized the song as, she also, like we all, was listening to "that" radio station.

I remember when maybe after a couple weeks - maybe it was another Saturday - the record arrived: the joy, the waiting were only a pleasant overture to the intense pleasure of the very first listen in my room so near to come... I remember I almost fell in love for Sandy Denny, looking at the superb picture on the cover!

A record was considered in its truest essence - i.e. not a good, an item, BUT the casket containing a world of music and beauty and...

"It Suits me Well" accompanied my whole life, to date and every time I listen to it, I simply skip to the next-to-last track of side two, first, and I listen, I HAVE to listen to, "that" song, always first... then, after my orgasm, I return to the turntable and listen to the whole album, from first track/first side.

... and, yes... I'm right now whistling the timeless melody, indelebly carved in my very own inner hard-disk;-)))

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