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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

WJAAS - Italian Kichigai: Gab

My dear friend Gab, a passionate music and audio lover and a skilled sax player, recently took his chance in that weird, yet intriguing semi-static display of an audio system on YouTube1 and 2 - i.e. playing a disc and trying to share with the immense Web audience a given vision, which is both musical AND audio-related.

His freshly home-brewed, large PHY-styled mono baffle with a 20 cm Telefunken's ELA-L8, plus his TRULY gorgeous Garrard 401 using those SUPERB, seldom seen broadcasting Lafayette and Velvet Touch's arms with General Electric and DL-102 mono cartridges... WOW!!!

This is only one of Gab's systems... a larger, classy four ways horns (RCA/Yoshimura Labs/Altec) and 211 triodes is his Nirvana system, BUT I know his heart beats faster for his vintage stuff, like the (now gone) Cinemeccanica classic cinema speakers (see above link) and his TD-124 and McIntosh C8/MC-30 pre/amp combo and his lovely kept and maintained Philips CD-100 soooo politically correct disk-player... "vintage" as a True Religion;-)... down to the "orange label" sought-after "Impulse" Pee Wee Russell's disc spinning on the 401.

Good stroke, Gab and... welcome in "kichigai wonderland"...

A very classy outfit, indeed.

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