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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Weather and music - Mazzy Star

Sometimes, I find the matching between music and weather, actually rainy rather sunny, to be very pleasant - i.e. it seems I own and like more, let's say, "rainy" than "sunny" music... strange... and not talking about Impressionistic feelings...

... it's something different...

... after more woodworking this morning 'til noon, I felt pleasantly tired, not that bad mind tiredness, but a good one, like that of a countryman who's after his fields and cows, goats and chicken...

Must say the sensation - after a couple days of hand working, dealing with heavy plywood sheets and the like - it's absolutely and positively mind-boggling... cynically, sort-of: who cares about Goldman-Sachs' sub-prime stuff;-)/;-(((

... and, last night, I slept like a baby...

Rain... spring rain... annoying, light, yet wet;-) rain... and this afternoon, I had a nice, NICE fix of the right music... like when I was a kid, a record was a feast, not vinyl accumulating... not multiple disc-swappings searching for those shitty "audiophile sounds", but seeking emotions... tears, singing-along, copy-catting guitar parts... having good time with music.

While putting on the shelves some records, I handled a not-heard-in-a-long-time disc: Mazzy Star's Among my Swan... with the beautiful, sensual voice of Hope Sandoval... minor keys, slow timing, acoustic guitars, organ and harmonicas, a lazy slow grooving electric bass, a lonely cello... that's it: my afternoon was sumptuosly soundtracked by Hope's voice (...) All Your Sisters, Umbilical and many other tunes... this record is truly magic... it hints hopeful (Hope-ful) sadness, beauty, simplicity and misteriousness... a masterpiece.

The recording in the classic 1996 Capitol's pressing is SUPERB!

The music... well, as I already wrote and it's my very partial opinion... it's an absolute, little, humble, yet proud masterpiece.

My friend Ivan recently told me about a nice vinyl reissue on Plain Recordings from San Francisco... I guess and feel pretty sure nobody will blame on me for my heartfelty hinting to this beauty.

... friends, old and new, will appreciate... foes, if any: no, I wasn't hinted by the umbrella on rear record cover...


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