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Friday, September 15, 2017

The new Leonid Sinitsin's Tzar DST

... the new, improved, superb, unique, sought-after, hand-made Tzar DST MC cartridge is here to please the world.

This masterpiece looks amazing and reportedly - from the maker himself who in-deep tasted and auditioned the best Lumiere DSTs and the original Neumann DSTs on the planet - is THE BEST DST-concept cartridge, ever... cost-no-object!



Let me agree with Leonid's enthusiasm: the Audio Technica ART-1000 is technically an achievement, but not a true Neumann's clone/replica.

Have a careful look at the HUGE magnets and at the beauty and precision of the triangle-shaped ultra low-impedance in-air, core-less coils!

Thanks to Leonid for proudly sharing this worldwide premiere.

Спасибо, Леонид!

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