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Sunday, August 9, 2015

THE ultimate Neil Young's masterpiece - Harvest (Reprise MS 2032 - 1972)

... you know "... moooore baaaaarn!"

Apparently, such a boring, decades old disc and topic... yet, I... dare, we never stop learning something new.

I always felt Neil's disc is a masterpiece, both musically and sonically...

It's airy, beefy, lively, dynamic and true to life... voices, guitars, low end... strings and ambience... everything is top notch.

Someone, more clever than me out there, found that the VERY top quality, sought after, superb sounding copies are - not by chance - showing an "LH" engraved in dead wax,  a "Steamboat" label and no WEA on label -  i.e. - Lee Hulko at Sterling Mastering made a true labour of love, or - better - just a careful, proudly-made job with artisanal skill and care... like it used to be.

When I recently read about the above mentioned collector's trivia, I immediately checked my "Harvest" three copies...

Two are on Harvest MS 2032, issued on 1972 LH Sterling with parchment cover and insert... Steamboat label and no WEA... first issues... sound is THE Sound you remember, the one in DNA...

Third copy (call me a lunatic...) is a European reissue (three colors label yellow, pale blue, white, don't remember more) and sound is somehow more zinghy and someway unnatural, ambience and sibilants are completely different from LH's... lesser.

Go and check your copies, folks...

LHs' are worth some pretty serious bucks, now,  but most important, they're worth your care and knowledge and your premium turntable, arm and cartridge analog combos.

Dig it!

... and enjoy a timeless classic.


Mikey said...

Lee Hulko not Hulka

twogoodears said...

Thanks for correcting my typo, Mikey.