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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Marco Brouwer's Audio Creative "GrooveMaster" 12 inches arm

Nice, elegant, well built... welcome to this new arm!

The GrooveMaster specifications:

Ultra low friction Semi-Ceramic bearing
SME headshell connection
Cardas tonearm wire
Cardas headshell leads
Jelco tonearm lift
Cardas 5 pin tonearm cable connector
Ebony or Olivewood headshell
Mounting sjablone included


Aluminium housing with brass or stainless steel counterweights
Mounting distance 304,75mm = 12 ”
Mounting diameter (Record player): > 29 mm
Offset angle: 17,11 degr.
Overhang: 12,82 mm
Effective length: 317,57 mm
Effectieve mass: 22 g.

Soooo cool in classic Hammertone finish!

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